Project Overview

This project was about both creating a promotional video and building a legacy. We weaved together Chris LeFevre’s memories of founding Middle Beach Lodge with artifacts from the Lodge’s beginnings, bringing a piece of West Coast history to life. Set against the raw, rugged shores of Tofino, we captured the lodge’s unfiltered grandeur, its humble beginnings – and its unforgettable experience.


Middle Beach Lodge




Dave Wallace
Devin Card


Canon C100 Mark I & Mark II

Behind The Scenes

Sunset set up, catching the golden hour.

Behind The Scenes

Car chases come standard at Riptide.

Behind The Scenes

The goods.

Behind The Scenes

Test-driving the drone.

Dave is unique in his field. His intuition and second sense are exceptional. I've been privileged to have his professional support in my endeavours.

Chris LeFevre Founder and Owner, LeFevre & Co.