Get caught in the moment.

Sometimes a story is about waiting for a moment to break: the first twitch of tide pulling away from shore — a glimpse of things beneath the surface. The best narratives stray from safe harbour. Stories real and true take hold and don’t let go.

At Riptide, we bring to life the stories of remarkable brands. Immersive visual experiences, they invite audiences to move inside a moment — to experience, not just see.


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Working With Us

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You may know you need a video, but you may not know you need a story. We help conceptualize your story and write a script that stays with your audience.


Concepts make more sense on paper. Frame by frame, we sketch out your story and its script, so we’re on the same page – literally – with the creative direction.


We scout locations and actors – and have an arsenal in our back pocket – which means you can leave the legwork and logistics to us. We’ve got you covered.


Wherever you are, we’ll meet you there. Rustic resort in Tofino? Epic surf camp in Bali? We’re all about capturing the experiences and adventures we live.


We film for a living, which means we know the ins and outs of being flexible and thinking on our feet. So when the rain pours, our umbrellas are on standby.


Our editing is a multi-layered process, pacing the story, transitioning scenes, and overlaying a soundscape for a story that will stay with your audience long after the screen fades.